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O método Zettelkasten. O método foi criado por Niklas Luhmann, sociólogo e pensador alemão, que em vida escreveu mais de 70 livros e quase 400 artigos acadêmicos. Sua interessante carreira em vida foi construída por.

Hi everyone, in this video (and article below) I want to show you how I use Zettelkasten with NotePlan. Previously, I wrote this short article where I outline how I use Zettelkasten conceptually and give you a quick intro into what Zettelkasten is. And this is a follow-up. Here, I'm describing how I organize my folders, the different kinds of.

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Zettelkasten has quite a buzz about it these days. It is a process popularised, and arguably pioneered by German sociologist Niklas Luhmann. It is a powerful system, that in Luhmann’s view acted as a companion for him for in terms of being able to structure and manage the knowledge and insights he accumulated. With the rise of personal knowledge management.

Enclosed below are the steps required to implement Zettelkasten in Notion: Create a New Page to hold your Reference and Main Boxes. Create a new page in Notion to hold your reference slip box database. Click in the body of the page and type “/table” and select “Table – Inline” from the available options.